About Me

My name is Distan Bach and I’m a freelance photographer and mental health educator based in Sydney, Australia. I just love shooting people and capturing the emotions of that moment, freezing them forever in that frame of time.

For me, photography is art, photography is poetry, and photography is a story. It speaks the voice of the subject and the heart of the photographer.

I’ve taken photos for as long as I can remember but its only been in the last couple of years that I’ve really decided to truly explore this beautiful craft. I have fond childhood memories of my helping my father in his darkroom and being wide-eyed at how, as if by magic, a picture would appear as it floated in these strange fluids. Its only now that I wish I would have paid more attention to what he did – then again, I was only a kid.

Today, I have my own family – a wife and two beautiful boys. Truth be told, they’re utterly sick of me dragging out the camera and trying to take photo’s of them – you know, all photojournalistically-like (which is really just code for shooting people who basically don’t want their photo taken). Fortunately, there’s a growing extended family and plenty of other victims willing participants to practice on as I hone in a style (which I’m told is quite important; to have a ‘style’).

Anyway, I used to like to cook (I’m retired now. Kids do that to apprentice dad-chefs). I’m a homebody, love to read and flick through magazines (hardcopy or on my iPad) and really watch far too much television. I’m a sucker for a good thriller and love sci-fi and escapist movies too!

When there’s no people to shoot you can usually find me near the beach – particularly Bronte beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. I grew up there and 35 years later I still keep heading back. Especially for those fantastic sunrises!

By day, my ‘real’ job – the one that pays the mortgage – is that of a mental health educator. I’ve got a Master of in Arts (eLearning) and a Grad Dip in Mental Health. I suppose I should be more grown-up than I am, but there you go. I also occasionally play a little guitar, piano and strangle out a song a two (which always sounds better after a drink or 2 or 3 or 4…)

Recently, my photo clients have included Apple; Hopper;  NSW Ministry of Health; Sydney Local Health District; JAK Walkwear; Warrnambool Council and have been published in their regional tour guide. I have also done private portrait, wedding, maternity and newborn sessions and can’t wait to work with some more great people and evolve even further.

If you are at all interested in contacting me for any work, then please, I’d really love to hear from you.