Sydney Mardi Gras Parade 2017


The Mardi Gras Parade

The gay and lesbian community hosted it’s 39th Mardi Gras parade again last night. Despite the inclement weather, it again drew thousands of spectators who lined Sydney’s Oxford and Flinders Streets to watch the celebrations.

Originally a march of protest and liberation, the Mardi Gras has been renown for the many floats that would poke fun at the establishment or irreverently lampoon politicians. Surprisingly, this year it was pretty tame in terms of the political commentary – I felt sure Donald Trump would of got a bit of a roasting along with the usual stablemates of conservative parliamentarians.

As I’ve said in previous years’ blog posts about the Mardi Gras, these days its much more about celebrating the LGBTQI community than demonstrations of solidarity or discrimination. It’s not to say that that doesn’t exist by any means, but the march itself has drifted more towards revelry, festivities and embracing one another. I have friends who bemoan the increasing commercialisation and intrusion of corporates/politicians who are keen to publicise their gay friendliness or chase the gay dollar. But, speaking as a humble long time spectator of the parade, there’s just no denying the power of the love and smiles that bubble effusively from the wonderful spectacle. Oh, and the satire is great too 🙂

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

A word about the photo’s…

I shot the entire parade with my 50mm prime lens; handheld and with the ISO pumped to 3200. Again, the low light is a challenge – particularly when you have very energetic parade goers who tend to move faster than your shutter speed can handle. I must take a flash along with me one year, I’d be interested to see if I could get a few interesting shots with the ‘ol strobe.

Finally, if you want to see the whole gallery (including a couple more images not attached below), skip to the end of the post and click/tap on one of the thumbnails to see the fullscreen viewer.

Canon 5DM3 | EF 50mm f1.2L | Handheld | Post: Lightroom 5

distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-4 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-5 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-3 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-7 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-8 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-9 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-6 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-10 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-11 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-12 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-13 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-14 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-16 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-15 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-17 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-19 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-18 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-20 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-21 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-22 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-23 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-24 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-25 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-26 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-27 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-28 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-30 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-31 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-32 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-33 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-34 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-35 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-36 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-37 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-38 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-39 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-40 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-41 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-42 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-44 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-45 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-43 distanbach-2017-sydney-mardi-gras-46

Mardi Gras gallery viewer below.

Oh, and here’s the gallery if you’d prefer to view the images in the fullscreen lightbox with the camera settings too.


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