Melbourne: Central Place, Graffiti Laneway and a street portrait

Central Place, Melbourne
Central Place, Melbourne
Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is an awesome city. Easy to walk around, with great food, coffee, bars and vibes. I was down there again recently for a work conference and as much as I had hoped to have some time to wander, there was precious little opportunity. Pretty much all of the shots in this post were taken in a lunch break on my last day down there. Enough to whet my appetite and dream of the next visit sometime soon.

Canon 5DM3 | EF 24-70mm f2.8L & EF 50mm f1.2L | Handheld | Post: Lightroom 5

distanbach-Melbourne CBD-13
Central Place, Melbourne
distanbach-Melbourne CBD-2
Man browsing, Central Place, Melbourne
distanbach-Melbourne CBD-10
Woman with umbrella, Walking towards Flinders Street, Melbourne
Central Place, Melbourne
Central Place, Melbourne
distanbach-Melbourne CBD-7
Central Place, Melbourne
distanbach-Melbourne CBD-12
Outside Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

distanbach-Melbourne CBD-11

distanbach-Melbourne CBD-3
Tourist selfie, Hosier Lane, Melbourne
distanbach-Melbourne CBD-4
Coffee time, Hosier Lane, Melbourne
distanbach-Melbourne CBD-5
Self portrait, Hosier Lane, Melbourne
Street Portrait

I confess to being a bit of a ‘sniper’ when I’ve tried my hand at street photography and that’s largely because I’m really quite shy. I’ve also read a lot of blog posts from street photographers who advocate for just asking people upfront if you could take their photo. Well, the shot below is an example of just that. I saw this lass just walking the laneway with her girlfriend and laden with 3 boxes of donuts. She was a bit surprised when I asked if I could take her portrait but thankfully she just giggled and agreed. It’s one of my favourite shots of the outing and I wish I had asked for her email so I could send it to her. Live, learn and do better next time, huh!

distan bach, distanbach, photography, street portrait
Donut Girl – Street portrait, Hosier Lane, Melbourne
The Dome Ceiling, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne
Ceiling, Collins Street
Full Screen Gallery

Again, for anyone who would prefer to see these images in the full screen gallery viewer along with the camera exif data, just select an image below and scroll through.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fotohabitate says:

    I agree with you. It’s not so easy to ask somebody to take a photo. Unfortunately some great situations pass away. Beautiful shots!


  2. paula graham says:

    Super series and yes, I always feel a bit shy when lifting my camera to folk in the streets…but do in anyway!!


  3. Certainly a difficult task being a street photographer but I really like your perspective Distan on what looks like and interesting part of the city. Hope all is well and glad to hear you are uber busy with clients work…


  4. Beautiful, spectacular photographs. I love Melbourne although it’s been a decade and a half since I’ve been there but it’s always been a city that left a positive impression on me – I’ve written about it on my blog too. The food, the culture, the events, and the architecture, I think you’ve captured the city amazingly.


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