Obelisk Beach sunrise, Sydney, Australia

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-3

The other week, I awoke on the lounge with a crook in my neck and the usual bad back from falling asleep in some ridiculous position. It’s usually at times like this when I take this exact opportunity to go out and take some sunrise photo’s. I confess to thinking I would just head back down to Bronte Beach again, snap some piccies, have a quick swim and go grab a coffee. You know, the usual.

Then, guess what? I thought about you, kind readers. I thought, well you’ve probably all seen enough of my sunrise photos of Bronte so why not go shoot some place new? There’s plenty of little bays and inlets over here on the north side of Sydney and I just haven’t explored them. It was as good a time as any.

I pulled up Google maps on the phone, had a quick scan around the northern harbour foreshore and found that Obelisk Bay was only about a 15 minute drive away. Access and parking looked doable too. Done, decision made.

Obelisk Beach (and the unexpected nudists)

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-2

Obelisk beach can’t be seen from the road. There’s a little sign that points down a track which disappears into the bush. I followed it in the dim, pre-dawn light all the way down to this gorgeous little bay which teases you through the undergrowth as you walk down. I was surprised that there 3 people already down on the beach when I arrived. I was even more surprised that they were nude! (If I’d read the sign at the roadside more carefully I would of known!). Trying to look blasé, I scrambled over a rock shelf and past a couple of fellows. The sun was rising (although it was hidden behind the terrain) and I didn’t have much time. It did feel a bit odd and conspicuous to set up a tripod, camera and remote, point in the general direction of the early morning nudists and take some photo’s. Since, they were long exposures (pun not-intended), I figured I wouldn’t see anyone in the final image. Otherwise, I’d have to remove them in post.

Have no fear, these images are safe for work and I can still claim a ‘G’ rating for this site – there are no rogue nudists in these images!

So, out of interest, has anyone else encountered something unexpected when they went out shooting? I’ld love to hear your experiences in the comment below.

Canon 5DM3 | EF 24-70 f2.8L | Tripod | ND filter | Post: Lightroom 5 

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-1

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-5

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-8

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-6

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-7

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-4

distanbach-Obelisk Bay-9

As usual, If you’d prefer to look at these images in the gallery viewer, select one of the thumbnails below.

Have a great week everyone!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. paula graham says:

    Looks a truly wonderful place for Photography.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks Paula, yes it was quite pretty. I think I just need to keep exploring all the little bays around here. I’m sure they’ll be more hidden gems waiting to be discovered (well, by me at least). 🙂


  2. V-Light says:

    I would totally just dive into these waters now, not caring if there are nudists there or not…hehe! Very nice photos dear Distan! And i can understand your surprise, photography can be that dangerous, you are just so focused on what you are doing you don’t see the signs! 😛 I have a similar story but with another twist! I was shooting the shore of a near by island in Samos, Greece, with a tele lens…and with the naked eye you could barely see there were people at the beach…i didn’t pay much attention but when i zoomed in with the tele…yeah, well…it was full of naked people! Haha! So i just deleted the photos, cause i had no use for them, was not my intention to zoom in to an old man’s junk! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Distan Bach says:

      Too funny, Alex! I can imagine the surprise 🙂


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