Cape Bridgewater, Victoria, Australia

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-1

A couple of weeks ago, I was down in country Victoria again for the annual Port Fairy Folk Festival. I’ve been going now for about 15 years and have met and made many friends over this time. Not so long ago, I used to lug my guitar down as a group of us used to play a weekend-long session in one of the local pubs there. These days however, I only take the camera.

The photo’s in today’s post were taken at Cape Bridgewater which is about an hours drive west of Port Fairy. It’s a really beautiful place but, typical of Victoria, the weather was really erratic. They say you can experience four seasons in one day down here and I can attest that this is absolutely true. Rain, sun, cold, biting wind, rain and some more sun – all in the space of a couple of hours. No sooner would I have the camera mounted on my tripod ready to take some long-exposure shots and the rain would tumble down. 5 minutes later, the sun would be out and I’d be peeling off my raincoat and hoodie because it was too warm. Regardless, it didn’t detract from the gorgeous vista, crashing waves and squawking seagulls. Not much could.

Canon 5DM3 | EF 24-70L f2.8 | Tripod and handheld | Post: Lightroom 5

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-2

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-5

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-3

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-4

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-6

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-7

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-8Above: Rebecca; stalking and running through the seagulls.


distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-9

distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-10Above: My good friend, Brendan, getting stuck into his lunch.


distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-11Above: Seagulls, hovering in wait and ready to dive on any tasty morsels.


distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-12Above: No sooner had we stood up, the seagulls swooped. Seagulls and pigeons are often referred to by Aussies as ‘flying rats’. It’s little wonder…


distanbach-Cape Bridgewater-13



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  1. Leanne Cole says:

    I never seem to get that far along the coast, I usually stop at Apollo Bay, but I do want to get down there at some point. How do you find the Victorian coastline compared with the Sydney one? You got some great shots Distan.

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    1. Distan Bach says:

      Hi Leanne, we were considering going to Apollo Bay and re-visiting the Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge but the weather just wasn’t promising enough to justify the travel time. I find the Victorian coastline to have a subtle but quite different aesthetic to Sydney’s. It’s a little hard to describe – topography is different; vegetation, sandstone and rock formations have different qualities too. The fact that Sydney’s coastline largely faces due East means the light bathes the scene in a different way too. What else? The Victorian coastline just feels ‘wilder’ and maybe more natural when compared to Sydney’s. I think the colours are more mute than what we have up here too generally. You probably can’t tell that from the images in this post though as I’ve played with the saturation in most of them – boosted the greens, aqua, blues and reduced the yellow and orange tones. There’s one other big difference as well – the water is freezing in Victoria compared to Sydney 😉

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      1. Leanne Cole says:

        Thanks for explaining that, I think I get what you mean. Have you been to the coast near Cape Schanck and Flinders, very rough there, I love it. Big waves, lots of rocks and ledges and things. Quite amazing.
        I do love the tidal pools that you guys have, there are none of those here. I love the photos I have seen that you have taken there.
        Yes, the water here is very cold, straight from the south pole.

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  2. paula graham says:

    What a delightfully undeveloped coastline…long may it remain so.


  3. Lexa says:

    You have a beautiful eye for capturing those special moments in time. I adore your images Distan, they always fill my heart with joy! Stunning as usual 😀


  4. This is beautiful. Why have I never been here? Once lived in Melbourne and thought I’d visited most places, but obviously not.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      I wouldn’t of known about it either except for my friend who was a local. I think it would be particularly stunning on a warm and sunny summers day.


  5. Wonderful story telling Distan and always a joy to absorb oneself in your work. Hope you have a great weekend


  6. Fantastic images, hope to get down there this weekend!!! Thanks for the inspiration to where to next 😊


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