Sunrise over Mackenzies beach (and Bronte), Sydney, Australia

distanbach-Gaerloch Reserve sunrise-1

Sydney has had a wild start to summer this year. Every day has been above 30C (86F) with almost 100% humidity and every afternoon we’ve been struck by wild storms. They said on the News tonight that we’ve had more than 20,000 lightning strikes in the last 7 days!

Despite the strange weather, I was up early again this morning and thought I’d try my luck with some more long-exposure, coastal photography. The scattered clouds at 4.40am (at my house) suggested I might get lucky with a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately, and perhaps a little predictably, there was still the remnants of last nights rain front on the horizon which blocked the sun’s first rays. In some respects this wasn’t entirely bad as it allowed me to shoot a further 20 minutes after the 5.37am sunrise. Usually, you just can’t do these type of long-exposures (shutter openings in excess of 1 minute) as its just too bright with direct morning sun.

Mackenzie beach rock platform
Mackenzie beach rock platform

Mackenzies Beach (Gaerloch Reserve)

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve specifically visited here for the sunrise. Mackenzies is a tiny little bay between Bronte and Bondi which you may recognise from photo’s I took at Sculpture By the Sea (see previous post). Last time I was here I slipped on the wet rocks and got a nasty little abrasion on my leg. This developed into full blown cellulitis and I needed to go on mega-doses of antibiotics to clear it up. Needless to say, it was very painful at the time and I still bare the scars 2 years later. Word to the wise; try not to slip on wet rocks by the seaside as barnacles are notorious for being incubators of nasty germs that don’t play well with people!

distanbach-Gaerloch Reserve sunrise-4

After shooting for 40 minutes at Mackenzies beach, I thought I’d head back to Bronte beach. Whilst waiting for the cafe’s to open and supply me with my morning cup of caffeine, I killed some time shooting the other early risers surfing/walking/chatting/swimming. All in all, it was a lovely way to welcome in Sunday.

Canon 5DMIII | EF 24-70mm f2.8L | Tripod | Hoya ND Filter | Post: Lightroom 5

As usual, check out all the images from this morning by clicking on one of them in the gallery below.



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  1. V-Light says:

    Great collection of photos Distan! 😀 Seems really lovely there but 100% humidity…wow…Anyway it’s great to see some beautiful summery photos when here it’s all rainy, dark and winterlike! Thanks for sharing!


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