Gorgeous sunrise and some early morning surfers, Bronte beach, Sydney

Bronte sunrise-1

Yesterday morning I decided to head out again for another crack at some sunrise photo’s. This time I went back to one of my old favourite locations – Bronte beach. I was desperately hoping the colourful sunrise that had eluded me earlier in the week could be rectified (see that blog post here). I have to say it wasn’t looking good during my drive there, and despite how these images turned out, they weren’t what I was anticipating. I’m arriving at the conclusion that smokey skies (care of our recent bushfire’s) might provide great sunset photo opportunities, but they do not do the same for sunrise’s. Still, I was really happy with how these turned out and some of these shots have become personal favourites of mine. See what you think; I hope you like them.

Video Mash

For a bit of fun (and largely as an experiment), I took a little bit of video after the sunrise shots and my early morning coffee. I’ve cut them together for a really brief video mash. It wasn’t planned in any way which is patently obvious when you have a look. I’d like to do more video but its a completely different way of thinking. Story boarding (or at very least) knowing what shots are needed to construct a story thread are vital to avoid the video being a bit twee. At any rate, at least it afforded me some more time to play and practice with Final Cut Pro X. Feel free to check it out at the end of this post; I’d love to hear your feedback.

Select a photo in the gallery below to see them larger (I think its worth it 😉 ).

Canon 7D | EF 24-105L | Tripod | ND filter for long exposure images | Post: Lightroom 5 | Video: Final Cut Pro X


And here’s the video for you to check out. Don’t fret, its only about a minute long:



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the colours here. Nice gallery. MM 🍀


  2. Distan Bach says:

    Thank you so much, MM. Much appreciated.


  3. Leanne Cole says:

    I love your early morning photos like this, probably my favourite work by you. I wish we had somewhere close by to go and do shots like this, but having to travel 2 hours first is a bit of kill joy.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks, Leanne. Yeah, I’ve always felt really lucky to have some great photo locations to choose from that were all pretty close. Having said that, you always wish there were other opportunities to explore – waterfalls, country fields, mountains and lakes.


      1. Leanne Cole says:

        That is true, I am lucky in the area I live, in that I have lots of parkland around me, it is just a shame I am not into landscape photography.


  4. Wonderful collection of images of, if memory serves me right one of your favourite childhood spots. Once again really enjoyable images for their colours and compositions.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Cheers, James. I do like my colours :-).


      1. You are very welcome Distan


  5. drawandshoot says:

    Hi Distan, I do envy you your ocean wonderland!
    These are beautiful. I always love your long exposures and the quality of light and colour you capture, and those surfer shots are really cool. The light through the waves makes gorgeous jewel colours.


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