Bronte sunrise: End of daylight savings time

Bronte sunrise- End of DLS-5

This morning was the last day of daylight savings time here in Sydney, Australia. What better excuse to go back down to my favourite city beach and take some photo’s! You see, from tomorrow, our clocks will get put back an hour which means that I’ll have to get up an hour earlier to witness the sunrise. But that’s tomorrow. Today, the sun broke the horizon at 7.10am – very civil indeed. Fortunately, we’ve had a bit of rain in the last couple of days too so the sky was full of interesting cloud formations. The icing on the cake is that from March-April, the water temperature is the warmest it gets all year. This morning it was a lovely 24C (75F). Considering we’re now into autumn and the days are beginning to cool down, it was just so special to go for a swim after taking these images. It was a beautiful way to start the weekend.

Canon 7D | EF 24-105L & EFS 10-22 | Tripod for long exposure shots | ND 9 stop filter | Post: Lightroom 4

Click on an image below to see it in the carousel viewer (or double tap if you’re on a mobile device); I think its worth it.

The neat thing about the carousel gallery is that it shows you some of the EXIF info from the photo if you’re curious about the aperture, focal length and shutter speed.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. drawandshoot says:

    Distan, these are spectacular. The texture of the rocks is just amazing.
    I so love your photography!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Aww Karen; thank you so much. That’s very humbling, and greatly appreciated.


  2. I really have to agree….spectacular. The cliff face gabs your attention and you are drawn to the rest of the scene. Bronte pool seems a terrific spot.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thank you, James. Bronte has always been a favourite spot of mine since growing up there as a child.


      1. It certainly is a wonderful place and to be there as a child must have been fantastic. Have a great weekend on the bike race shoot Distan and hopefully you may post some to your next blog. Regards, James


  3. Inspired and pretty says:

    Really really beautiful ! The clouds are amazing 🙂


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks so much for the lovely comments. I really appreciate it.


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