Bronte beach: Storm tossed sunrise

Bronte beach storm Feb 13-1

Last weekend, I headed down to Bronte beach again to shoot a squally high-tide at dawn. Sydney had been doused in rain and the sea’s had been whipped up by a dissipating storm cell further north. This resulted in wide-spread beach closures and coastal warnings all along the eastern seaboard.

I confess its quite a challenge to shoot in high winds, driving salt spray and intermittent drizzle. Not my proudest set of images but, I have to say, the ocean was spectacular. If you’ve seen any of my other posts of Bronte’s serene rockpool and baths at sunrise you’ll notice the contrast. If you like, you can refresh your memory here and here. Nature can be so awesome!

Canon 7D | EFS 10-22 & EF 24-105L | Post: Lightroom 4

Bronte beach storm Feb 13-2

Bronte beach storm Feb 13-3Above: At low-tide, I normally set-up in the rock pool near the base of the step ladder (which is just sticking up through the surging water here). The edge of the pool is almost 3 meters above the waterline when the tide is out. Bronte beach storm Feb 13-4

Bronte beach storm Feb 13-6

Bronte beach storm Feb 13-5

Bronte beach storm Feb 13-7Above: I love the crashing waves in the background. The water and spray was clearing the fence in the top right corner of the shot which is a good 10+ meters (30-40 foot) above sea level. Glorious!


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  1. This does look very impressive. And, oh, the drama! Was this named after the Brontë sisters?


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks, Tatar. As far as the name of Bronte beach goes; I understood it to be named after Lord Nelson who was the Duke of Bronte though I’m not entirely sure…


  2. drawandshoot says:

    These are wonderful, Distan. They capture the sense of wind and powerful waves so well. The tones express that feeling also. Great work!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Cheers, Karen. So often photo’s don’t do justice to the scenes before us. I’m pleased you pick up a bit of a sense of the the wind and waves at least. It certainly felt bigger and wilder in person!


  3. A terrific collection of images Distan and I am particularly drawn to the two images of sea filled swimming pool as it looks so fragile against the intense pounding from the waves. By the way great colours and clarity…the 7d and the photographer are doing a great job together…no need to change cameras just yet. Have a great week, regards, James


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks very much for the kind words, James. I know what you mean about the swimming pool – it was just swamped; hammered by wave after wave. I’ve been in the pool when we’ve had roughish high tides before and its very wild indeed. Its amazing (and a little frightening) to feel how easily you can get picked up and washed out over the side. The day I took these shots, they had rightly closed and locked the pool for everyone’s safety. Incredibly, the water was 25C which is a couple degrees warmer than usual anyway! So, despite the cold and stormy conditions it would of been beautiful in…
      As far as the new camera goes, yes, I agree in principle with your sentiment – the 7D is still serving me well… C’mon though, I want a new baby to cradle 🙂 !! Full frame; crazy high ISO sensitivity; great video and audio monitoring for my (future) fusion videos 😉 – oh, I could go on, on. I think my wife could almost agree. Well, then again, maybe not…


  4. janina says:

    Aahh, inspiring! I wonder who thought to build a swimming pool in the sea? LOL. A very dramatic place. Of course, this isn’t the only one around Sydney.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks very much, Janina. And you’re absolutely right – I think just about all of Sydney’s city beaches have sea pools. I hadn’t thought it unusual until you mentioned it! Funny how we get so accustomed to things, isn’t it?


      1. janina says:

        I only mentioned it because a) we don’t have such pools here in Melbourne, and I would guess nowhere else in Victoria, and b) I think it’s a great idea. At least the water will get refreshed frequently during stormy weather or at high tide.


  5. Lexa says:

    Breathtaking images Distan! I love them.

    Our family swam at Bronte every night in summer. As we grew, we would swim in the baths in these conditions as it was so much fun when the waves washed over into the baths. We would even stand on the baths perimeter and hold onto the chains for dear life to be washed into the baths. Never did we imagine we could have been swept to the other side! ha ha ha

    Our parents also swam there every morning (5am) until their late 80’s.

    Thanks for showing Bronte in all her turbulent glory, magnificent….they certainly bought back wonderful memories.

    Cheers, Lexa 🙂


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