Holiday road: NYC skyline from The Rock

12 09 04 NY The Rock-7I’ll keep it brief since its 3.30am and I really should be going to bed.

So, to pick up from the previous post, we only spent a couple more days in California before hoping a flight over to New York for the next leg of our trip (I thought I’d spare you the family snaps at Universal Studios in LA). Anticipation was high. And, despite thoroughly enjoying everywhere we’d already been, we were all super excited and keen to explore this crazy mecca of capitalistic consumerism. Ahh, New York !!! You did not disappoint. Really, what can be said about this wonderful, wonderful town?!? I suppose all I can offer is: I now understand…

These images were taken when I took the boys over to the Rockefeller Centre. Sadly, it was pretty gloomy day so we were cheated of the what must be amazing views of the New York skyline. No matter though, we all still had fun and isn’t that exactly what a family holiday is all about? 🙂

12 09 04 NY The Rock-1

12 09 04 NY The Rock-4

12 09 04 NY The Rock-5

12 09 04 NY The Rock-2

12 09 04 NY The Rock-3

12 09 04 NY The Rock-6



4 Comments Add yours

  1. awesome shots Distan! The cab shot is ammmaaaaaaaaaaaazing!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Too kind, Kay. Thanks heaps!


  2. Leanne Cole says:

    The detail shots are awesome Distan.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Its so easy to miss the details of the buildings because the city skyline just dominates your senses. It wasn’t until I turned around and looked back at the building or framed something through the viewfinder that I noticed some of the shapes and textures.


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