Portrait shoot-part IV : Kelly + the girls

Kelly has been a tough nut to crack – photographically speaking that is. Having known her for nigh on a decade, she’s been cautious of me pointing my camera in her direction when we would sing at ‘The Stump’ during the Port Fairy folk festival. Perhaps she’s become a little conditioned to my antics or maybe she’s just been happier with some of the shots I’ve captured in recent times. Whatever the reason, I was overjoyed when she accepted my offer to come and take some shots of the girls and her when I was down in Victoria recently to shoot the Tour of the South West bicycle race. A personal trainer, part-time songstress and super-mum, Kelly manifests those qualities that you just have to tip your hat too. Strong, caring, resilient and determined, Kel has overseen and steered her family through life’s obstacles with aplomb. She’s a proud mum; and to my eyes, rightly so. Keep it up Kelly, you’re awesome!

Canon 7D | Canon EF 24-70L f2.8 | Canon Speedlites 580 & 430 EXII | Umbrella softbox and DIY grid | Handheld | Post: Aperture 3.0


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