Portrait shoot-part III : Annie (from Kelly + the girls)

Todays post places the spotlight onto the gorgeous Annie. Just like her younger and older siblings, Annie is beautiful in just so many ways. Sweet, confident, smart and observant – she’ll have all those that meet her just swooning. I take my hat to Annie; she was surprisingly comfortable in front of the camera which was not something I was necessarily expecting. She posed, assuredly followed directions with poise and was happy to mix things up. The camera loved her, and I loved that I barely had to do anything except squeeze the shutter button. Too easy! In fact, she photographs so well that I was afraid that there would be a real ‘sameness’ to all the images  ie. beautiful, bright-eyed girl, smiling at camera. Not there’s anything bad with that, its just that I wanted something just a little bit more distinctive – both for her, and for me as a photographer.

So, many, many thanks to Annie for making me look good. She’s one terrific girl and I look forward to seeing the successes in life that I’m sure will be coming her way.


Canon 7D | Canon EF 24-70L f2.8 | Canon Speedlites 580 & 430 EXII | Umbrella softbox and DIY grid | Handheld | Post: Aperture 3.0

(Click on an image to see it larger)


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  1. Bec says:



    1. Distan Bach says:

      Cheers Bec, much appreciated.


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