Portrait shoot-part II : Georgia (from Kelly + the girls)

Last night I featured Kelly’s youngest daughter Lily (click here to see those shots). Tonight is dedicated to her eldest – Georgia.

In contrast to her younger siblings sweet innocence, Georgia wasn’t quite so comfortable with having her photo taken (then again, how many of us are?). That’s not a criticism, just a completely understandable observation – its hardly a natural act to stare down the barrel of a machine which is clearly labelled a ‘Canon’ :-). She’s also well and truly a teenager; and, a beautiful one at that. What amazed me was that despite being a little uneasy with the whole posing ‘thang’, she took it all completely in her stride and just did what needed to be done. I think that speak volumes about the sort of person she is. Sweet yet tough, resilient yet vulnerable, intelligent yet carefree and silly. After it had gotten too dark to shoot comfortably outside, we adjourned inside and I set up my flash gear. Georgia wasn’t really into the posed and pretty look, so I quickly decided to punch up the flash, get her crouching down, pull up her hoodie and capture something a little different from the norm. Looking at the results, I’m glad we did.

Canon 7D | Canon EF 24-70L f2.8 | Canon Speedlites 580 & 430 EXII | Umbrella softbox and DIY grid | Handheld | Post: Aperture 3.0

Above: Georgia. We tried a bit of the girlie stuff here but I think you can see how silly it seemed to George. Time to switch things up a bit.

Above: I’ve really dropped the saturation in these two shots but have pushed up the vibrance. From memory, I increased the key light to 1/2 power because I wanted to blow out the skin tones and create a sharp shadow behind her. At the time I was pre-visualising a B&W shot that had an ‘edge’. In post, I preferred the slightly desaturated look as you see here. For me, these shots suggest both strength and vulnerability; innocence and smarts. Just like her. Awesome! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Moruzi says:

    I really like the silly, fun shots in the middle. Lots of personality on show there!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      I know what you mean and really agree that those shots reveal her personality a lot. I see them as a triptych even though they are only displayed sequentially on the blog.


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