Port Fairy Lighthouse and surrounds

Here’s some more shots from my recent trip to Port Fairy. My intention had been to shoot the lighthouse at sunrise but the weather was against me again. I’ll keep this post short as its late and really, I should be in bed – its 3am (again).

Canon 7D | EF 24-70L | ISO 100 | Tripod & handheld | Hoya ND 400 filter (where appropriate) | Post: Aperture 3

Above: The Port Fairy Lighthouse. As you can see, nothing but dense cloud cover. Next time perhaps…

Above: Wallaby. This little fella caught me by surprise. It’s just I never expected to see a wallaby sipping sea-water at the base of the lighthouse  (well that’s what it looked like to me) .

Above: Rocks & Lichen. As you’ve probably noticed from other images on this blog, Im attracted to vibrant, saturated colours. I just love this tapestry of grey, yellow and orange tones.

Above: More rocks, lichen and scrub; this time surrounding a little tidal pool.


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  1. drawandshoot says:

    Awesome pictures Distan! Gorgeous tones and the Wallaby on the beach is really wonderful.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks Karen. Despite the drab weather, the colour and textures of the rocks, lichen and sea weed was still interesting.


  2. Great photos Distan!! 1st shot = fantastic!!! How freaken cute is that wallaby?? 😀 **


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Cheers Xandré. Yeah, that wallaby was amazing. Cute as a button!


  3. Leanne Cole says:

    I have to say it has surprised me as well, I have never really thought about wallabies going that close to the ocean. Love the shots.


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