Bondi at dawn

Just for a change, I thought I’d take some photos of Bondi this morning. Its actually the first time I’ve been down there for sunrise with my camera and what a surprise.Photographers everywhere! With little opportunity to fit in anywhere near the beach, I had to scout round the point a little before finding some clear space. The following shot’s were taken as I walked back to the car. I’ll get the long exposure shots up in the next few days as I’m still working on them.

Canon 7D | EF24-105L | Handheld | ND +3 stop filter

Above: Bondi Icebergs pool with the beach in the distance.


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  1. hollowvessels says:

    That last shot is beautiful! Looks like an amazing place to swim in the morning, great way to start your day.


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Yeah, it’s just so inviting; you really want to dive in and join them all. It’s funny how you can feel healthy just by walking past.
      A few years ago I used to go down and just take sunrise photos, quietly giggling at all the fitness nuts swimming laps, jogging and exercising. Now, I’ll take the photos and then go for a swim. Coffee tastes so much better after a frolic in the waves too :-). Which is exactly how it transpired this morning. The water was beautiful.


  2. drawandshoot says:

    Jealous! 🙂

    Great pictures Distan, it’s looking so exotic right now.
    “round the point a bit” – gorgeous.


  3. Bryce says:

    Hi Distan,

    Just a question… I was shooting yesterday sunrise aswell, what time were you down in Bondi???

    The reason im asking is, at about 6:40am to 7:10am there was a rocket-like something flying in the sky from the horizon and then above us high in the sky. There were a few photographers down there and we all couldnt figure out what it was. Stupidly i didnt get any flicks of it because we thought it was the moon at first and then i didnt want to move my tripod to get it in the shot.

    If you happened to see it i would love to see a photo 🙂 My friends dont believe me that i saw a rocket thing hahaha. any help would be appreciated.



    1. Distan Bach says:

      Hi Bryce, I can’t remember seeing a ‘rocket-like something…’. I was indeed down there from 6.25am – 7.30am. Was it actually an object flying or was it like a cloud trail? I ask this because I have noticed that there is an early morning flight that arrives in Sydney that consistently leaves a single, thin, cloud trail that eventually smudges away and disappears. I have it many shots I have taken down at Bronte. In fact, if you go to my Redbubble page (click on the ‘Purchase’ link in the navigation menu above) and go to the set called ‘Sun & Surf’, you’ll see the second photo in that set has the remnants of that cloud trail. Could it be something like this?
      Either way, its all very intriguing! Thanks for stopping by nonetheless.


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