Centennial Park duck ponds

I confess to feeling a twang of guilt with this post. I say guilt because the following shots were more of the ‘happy-snap’ variety – hardly “serious” and “thoughtful” pictures. But hey, photography should be fun and it should be about preserving those little moments, shouldn’t it? I think I can take things a bit too seriously sometimes… and I know this because, every so often, that little voice inside my head helps orientate me back to reality with a simple word –  ‘wanker‘. : )

Anyway, I took these ‘snaps’ a few days ago when the kids and I drove through Sydney’s Centennial Park on the way back from the beach. Leo wanted to stop briefly and have a closer look at the ducks who had gathered en masse where a gentleman was feeding them by the bank of the pond. Kindly, the man gave my youngest some bread too and within seconds we were surrounded by literally dozens of ducks, swans, geese, and a gallery of pigeons.

Canon 7D | EF 24- 105L | Aperture Priority | Handheld | ISO 400

Above: Feeding frenzy!

Above: ‘Pigeon gallery’ – the jealous onlookers. 

Above: “Fatso”


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