Milson’s Point (part II)

Following from the previous post, here’s a few more shots from around Milson’s Point, Sydney Harbour.

I feel confident in saying the featured photo was the ‘money shot’ from the impromptu late evening shoot – I’m really very happy with it and I hope you like it too (I’ve embedded it as the last image in this post if you want to take a closer look at it). I haven’t captured this vista from the north side before so to get the famous ‘Coat Hanger’, Sydney Opera House and CBD in frame was nice.

The other couple of shots come from the train station a little up the hill. I’ve never been into this station before and truth be told, this was the first time I ever really noticed it! I saw it in my peripheral vision as I was driving away from the foreshore and thought immediately it would look good in black and white. Anyway, I need to practice my B & W post-processing and thought this would be a great candidate. Looking at it now, I think I could of added a tint to it…brown….blue….hmmm…not sure. The station didn’t have any guards there so I was able to duck up onto the platform unchallenged. I was hoping that I’d get a reasonable view of the bridge from there but it wasnt quite what I’d hoped. You can see what I settled for instead. Oh, and of for those of you that don’t know – Milson’s Point is the first stop on the northern side of the Harbour Bridge; Circular Quay being the other stop on the Southern or CBD side of the bridge.

Now I better get off to bed – its 2am! First day back at work tomorrow 😦

Canon 7D | Tripod | EFS 10-22mm | f9 | various shutter times


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  1. bllparkfrank says:

    My favorite is the train…its pretty much perfect.


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