A photo walk around Sydney’s “The Rocks”

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I could take him on a photo walk so he could get more familiar with his new DSLR. So after a bit of planning, we met down at ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney late this afternoon. My thinking had been that we could spend a couple of hours shooting portraits and doing a bit of street photography as the light faded. The shoot would finish back at the harbour foreshore where we could do some long exposure shots of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge with our tripods. Given that we had been treated to rain and thunderstorms for most of the afternoon, I think we were quite lucky to get a break in the weather and actually get out and take some photo’s. I can’t wait to see some of Paul’s shots; I know he captured some real crackers! Here are a few of mine from today’s sortie – one of which will make my personal favourites of the year (see if you can guess which one it is).

Oh, and I’m giving this new wordpress theme a bit of a road-test. Please tell me thoughts – I’m interested to hear if you think its pleasing to the eye, comfortable to use, and/or helps to show off the photo’s well enough.


Canon 7D  |  EF 24-70 f2.8L


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  1. Mike Moruzi says:

    My favourites are the bottom two, but my top pick is the bridge. I have similar shots from day time, but have only explored Sydney one weekend a few years back. I’m keen to get back and do some more shooting, especially at night around the waterfront.


  2. Distan Bach says:

    Without wanting to sound too parochial, I really think Sydney’s harbour waterfront is gorgeous – particularly at dusk. I like the bridge shot but its almost a mirror image of another I took a while ago. It does photo well, hence the reason for talking my friend down and showing him how to do basic long-exposure shots.


  3. drawandshoot says:

    your night shoots are wonderful Distan!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks Karen. Amazing what you can do with a tripod really 🙂


  4. xandreverkes says:

    I like them all Distan!!! & the new theme is very appealing!!!! Great street shots!!! 🙂 **


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks for the feedback about the theme Xandre. I like themes which have a nice balance and this one not only offers that but allows a number of posts to be visible above the fold. I get a bit frustrated sometimes having to scroll down lengthy blogs – I’m a bit lazy like that.


  5. Mike says:

    That’s a lovely photo of the Opera House with light trails. The new theme works well too.

    I’m enjoying your blog – I just got confirmation of a new job in Sydney starting in March, so I’m learning as much from your blog as I can 🙂


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Congratulations on the new job Mike! We’ll probably run into each other now as we chase those sunset/sunrise photo’s of the Opera House and Bronte beach :-). Yeah, and the Opera House shot is my favourite – I really like the golden sparkles reflected in the water which I picked up from that passing ferry.

      Thanks for the feedback on the blog too. I just wish it would let you feature your latest story and allow it to appear larger than the others. Can’t have everything I suppose. :-(.


  6. Fantastic night shots! But I really enjoy the image of the windows – light and dark, nice!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks, I really liked the asymmetry of light and dark window’s shot too. Just wish I could of shot them from a little higher (rather than ground level) – Im too lazy to correct the angles in photoshop ;-). Appreciate you stopping by.


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