Gold Coast sunrise and a ferris wheel after dark

These photo’s were taken last year when we went to up to Queensland for a friends wedding. Because Queensland doesn’t have daylight saving, the sunrise shots required I had to be down at the beach at 4am! According to the metadata, the pre-dawn photo was taken at 4.16am. I guess, the only saving grace was that we were staying in one of those hotels directly across from the beach so I didn’t have far to go.

The second shot of the Ferris Wheel (below) is actually in Surfers Paradise. We had gone for a bit of a drive that evening and stumbled across the Skywheel while looking for a place to eat. I couldn’t help but take the opportunity and grab a few snaps.

Anyway, click on an image below to see it larger.

Canon 7D | Canon EFS 10-22 | Tripod | Post: Aperture 3


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  1. leicaman says:

    Well done…really like the ferris wheel!


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks very much. I took a few shots of the ferris wheel at different shutter speeds. This one was a 10 second exposure. Appreciate you stopping by!


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