Gaerloch Reserve Sunrise

I’ve been pretty lazy with my photography in the past few months. Blame it on winter and having to move house I think. So, this morning I decided to head off to really try capture and create something a bit more special. The alarm sounded at 5.20am, and for a change I got up pretty much straight away. It was really quite cloudy this morning but I thought it would burn-off by sunrise. No luck. Given these conditions I opted to change my original destination (Bondi beach) and go to a little reserve just around the corner. The locals refer to it as Dog’s beach, because you guessed it, you can take dogs there! The sign says Gaerloch Reserve which was news to me; I’ve always thought it was McKenzie’s beach…go figure. Anyway, the reason for choosing here this morning was because it is basically a small rocky bay. I’ve been wanting to try and crack those lovely silky black & white shots I’ve seen – you know the one’s where the water looks like fairy floss and fog. Well, they didnt quite turn out that way, and, after having a play and converting them in Aperture, I actually prefer the colour versions. I’ll have to practice again another day! Here’s a few shots from this morning – I’d love to hear what you think.

Canon 7D | EFS 10-22 | f20 | Tripod | 6-15 second exposures | Manual mode | ND Grad filter


4 Comments Add yours

    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks Joshi, much appreciated. Allow me to take this as high praise as your work is absolutely stunning.


  1. andybeel says:

    Good use of a wide angle lens – thanks


    1. Distan Bach says:

      Thanks Andy; love the hints and tips on your blog.


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