Southern Highlands farmstay getaway

There’s nothing quite like getting away from the city for a weekend! Clean country air, crisp mornings, the sound of chooks and horses rousing you from your slumber. So on a recent family getaway we headed down to a farm-stay in Brayton which is in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Besides the farm (which is quite isolated), there’s not much there – just perfect for recharging the batteries and rejuvenating a weary mind. We went with another family and all the kids had an absolute ball. Its great to see the children abandoning their iPods in favour of just running around, collecting firewood and feeding the farm life.

Oh, and after a home-made roast dinner, the wine seems to taste so much better beside a crackling fire! I’m counting the days until we head down there again.

I’ll post some more shots from our stay there in the next couple of days.



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  1. What amazing shots! So jealous I would love to go there!


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