September Sunrise at Bronte Beach

What do  you do when you wake up at 5.30am on a Sunday morning? Get up and head down to the beach, that’s what! Sunrise was at 6.12am yesterday, and although it was a coolish 9C degrees I knew it would feel warmer at the beach. Futzing about in the dark trying to find my clothes and camera gear, I thought I had everything. I jumped in the car and drove off only to realise 5 minutes after I’d left I had forgotten my ND Grad filters!! I would of turned around only it was already 5.55am and that would of wasted too much time – I live about 9-10minutes from Bronte. All that being said, I still missed the suns first rays – thanks to an early morning Sunday driver. No matter, its still just so beautiful to be down at Bronte at daybreak. It’s invigorating, refreshing, stimulating and activating. You just feel healthy! To make things even better, when you’ve finished taking those first flush photo’s, you just head over and grab a coffee from one of the many cafe’s that line the beachfront. Reviewing the mornings shot’s whilst sipping your flat-white and watching the activity at the beach – it doesnt get much better than that; well, not in my book anyway.



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  1. marmergo313 says:

    good view

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