G’day iPhone

iPhone 3G Arrives

With the release of the second iteration of the iPhone, we see Apple’s intentions to move into yet another new space in the computing landscape. To say this product is a landmark achievement would not be to overstate things. Much has been written by the naysayers, and much of that criticism directed at the hardware. Many cite that much of the iPhones functionality can be found in other devices – that Apple has merely re-packaged features that have been available previously. But these arguments miss the point.

Simply put, the iPhone’s user interface is the most remarkably thoughtout and well designed enviornments ever conceived for the consumer market. All too little is written about this aspect of Apple’s platform. Indeed, for this is the ‘new’ platform for the 21st century. I do believe that with this revised product, and the vertical market that Apple developed as part of this iPod-esque ecosystem, that we are willing participants in the move into another computing era. I’ll say it now; the iPhone is to mobile computing, what the internet was to desktop computer in the 90’s. And, its just beginning…


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